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Here are some ideas for your future site that we can offer you:

1. A virtual reality movie theater experience: Users can don VR headsets and watch movies in a virtual theater, complete with a concession stand and audience reactions.

2. Interactive movie screenings: The site could host live screenings of popular films, where viewers can participate in polls, trivia games, and chat with other movie fans.

3. Personalized movie recommendations: Using AI technology, the site can analyze a user's viewing history and preferences to provide personalized movie recommendations.

4. A "create your own film festival" feature: Users can curate their own film festivals by selecting a theme and choosing from a library of movies on the site.

5. Virtual red carpet events: The site could host virtual red carpet events for movie premieres, where users can interact with celebrities and watch exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

6. Collaborative movie reviews: Users can collaborate with friends or other movie enthusiasts to write and publish group movie reviews on the site.

7. Film industry news and updates: The site can have a dedicated section for news and updates on the film industry, including release dates, casting announcements, and box office numbers.

8. Social media integration: Users can connect their social media accounts to the site and share their movie watching experiences, reviews, and recommendations with friends.

9. Online film classes and workshops: The site could offer online classes and workshops on various aspects of filmmaking, taught by industry professionals.

10. Charity screenings: The site can partner with different charities and donate a portion of the proceeds from movie rentals or purchases to their causes. 

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